Don’t want to deal
with the madness of renting out
with the madness of renting out

Bulldog Real Estate rents your apartment


I am the landlord

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rents your apartment

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I am a tenant

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Community Event bei Bulldog Real Estate

The Community

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We don't believe in AirBnB, and
rent restrictions
rent and restrictions

We provide flatshares,
and are in favor of a fair rent, regardless of whether the full scope of the MRG applies or not.

No loss of rent, hardly any wear and tear, students and young professionals as tenants!

You can usually rent out your apartment, then after a short time it is worn out, broken or the rent (MRG) is being contested because the tenant doesn't care about your apartment!

At Bulldog Real Estate you can rent your apartment to a company that organizes cleaning staff who can look after the apartment constantly.


Rent the apartment to the company Bulldog Real Estate:

  1. Bulldog Real Estate rents your apartment.
    • Conventional, long-term rental agreements
    • The risk of rent default is borne by Bulldog Real Estate
  2. Bulldog Real Estate organizes the furniture assembly.
    • No settling, furniture stays in the apartment for years
    • Hardly any wear and tear as the residents only arrive with suitcases
  3. Bulldog Real Estate manages your apartment in cooperation with the property management company.
    • Reason for the student's stay: doctorate, master's degree, internship
    • Main origin of our students: Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland etc.

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This is what an apartment at BullDog Real Estate looks like after it has been furnished and the tenants have moved in!

Are you a student, new to town and / or do you have a demanding job?

Would you like to get in touch with like-minded people quickly?
You don’t want to laboriously build up a new circle of friends?
You want a cool community with casual roommates from day one?

Then you have come to the right place at Bulldog Real Estate. We were already standing ourselves before this topic and would have been happy about this solution.
Bulldog Real Estate offers you your perfect flat share.
It is fully furnished, equipped with everything you need to live and On top of that, cleaning is also carried out.
Get in touch if you want to become part of our unique community.

What you get

  • the entire network in the form of Whatsapp and Facebook groups,
  • a room in one of our apartments,
  • a new start in Vienna.

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Community Event - Bulldog Real Estate - Real Immobilien


What kind of events are these?

We have set ourselves the goal of uniting great people. You don't just live with Bulldog, You get the whole network. You meet CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and can develop creatively. We value each individual's personality and want you to achieve great things. EgaL whether you with one Want to network an event or work quietly in your room. We offer living space for various personalities.

Join our Events via:

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Franzi is your contact

If you have any questions about rental and community, Franzi is your contact.