Bulldog Real Estate

"We live shared apartments"

Real estate consulting, investment and shared apartments

That's how an apartment looks like at Bulldog Real Estate!
Furnished, cleaned and ready to rent.

  • No short-term rental,
  • No Booking.com,
  • Only classic, Long-term Shared room

For our students and academics, who come to Vienna for a master's degree, doctoral studies or highly qualified jobs!

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Immobilien Bewertung

Real estate consulting

Why should we consult you and why are we good in real estate consulting?

  • Technical - We stood on the construction site and have renovated it!
  • Legally - We stand for the landlord law and are real estate trustees!
  • Economical - We buy continuously new objects!
  • Civil Engineers (Tu Graz) with professional experience as employees and entrepreneurs!

We bought apartments, self-resuspended them and then sold them. Mietrechtsgesetz (MRG) and the Housing Utility Act (path) are commonplace for us.

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Immobilien Investment Wien

real estate investment
real estate
in Vienna and how can you create money in real estate?

Let's clarify first:
"Why investing money in real estate at Bulldog Real Estate?"

Our concept works!

With our type of renting, room renting to young professionals and students, we are still able to achieve a reasonable return on the housing market of Vienna, so we can pay our financiers safely and fair. What are we doing with the money? We buy and rent apartments at the Viennese flat market! Only downtown sites and under-market value!

Now to what - we offer three variants for the real estate investment in Vienna and that would be possible terms:

  • Return: 5% - 8% P.A.
  • runtime: 6 - 120 months
  • distribution: variable
  • repayment: individual
  • hedging: under 50,000 euros, without option contract *
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During an introductory event at the Technical University of Graz, they both founders at the club of the WINGnet Graz. Philipp was chairman of the association And Roman came to Graz after his civil engineer Bachelor's to complete his master's program. A short time after both worked on the Club board, became friends and started to share the love for real estate.

Even before graduating, they bought their first three apartments in Graz, renewed and sold them with significant profit. At the same time, they entered the “Vermietervereinigung” (=landlord association) and learned privately everything about the landlord laws. Mainly the MRG and WEG. A short time later, other apartments were added.

After studying, Roman worked for three years for a project developer in Graz and started with Real estate consulting for friends and relatives. For private and professional purposes numerous real estate reviews have been calculated. .

Meanwhile, Philipp worked in the research department of an international corporate group and has become particularly strong with building substances. Thus, he is in real estate consulting and especially for real estate valuation not only theoretically but also practically perfectly trained.

For the deepening of landlord law, MRG, WEG and so on, both founders achieved their real estate trustee certificate in 2018.